How I Became a SEW-ntrepreneur

My name is May, and I’m the Mommy Sewntrepreneur. I am from the Philippines, a mom with 3 kids, and wife to my amazing husband. I can’t say that I know everything about sewing, but my heart bleeds and shouts sewing and crafts every since I was young.


Probably like many of you, I started nurturing my love for everything fashion and creating ever since I can remember. I was a kid during the time when DIY paper dolls made of cardboards and paper were still a thing, and I have precious memories playing with those. Unfortunately, at that time, I thought a career in fashion was not practical, so I pursued Journalism in college. Thereafter, I pursued HR as a career, and worked in corporations for more than 10 years.

Life happened and my love for sewing took a backseat, but sewing has always stayed with me. Taking sewing lessons were always a part of my new year resolutions before and I did try twice. However, I did not finish both for various reasons. I guess I was too preoccupied during those times and didn’t have enough money and motivation to push forward.

Fast-forward to 2014, I gave birth to our daughter, Macy. That’s when my desire to sew all came back to me! I finally invested in a new sewing machine and started sewing dolls using free patterns I found online.. Eventually, I also started creating dresses for her. On her first birthday, themed “Macy’s Dollhouse,” I made 10 different fabric dolls as centerpieces and made her 2 dresses as well! It was a result of many sleepless nights but was oh so worth it!


Eventually, my friends started to notice Macy’s dresses and I started getting inquiries. My first big break was for a cousin’s wedding, and then for a friend’s, which was what I consider as my breakthrough in the wedding scene =)

I continued to build Macy’s Dollhouse from the ground up in the next 1 1/5 years as a sideline, with no capital, no staff, while still working full time. It was difficult, yes, but fulfilling! On our first full year, we had 79 weddings with over 180 dresses delivered!


We were also able to join bridal fairs, was featured both in print and online, and our brand has grown from a small time online doll shop to what it is now, the go to shop for luxury kids clothing in the country (happy dance!)

Early this year in 2018, my husband and I decided that it’s now time to grow Macy’s Dollhouse some more, so I resigned from my job to focus on the business full time. To continue honing my craft, I also enrolled mastery sewing and pattern making classes at ICEFAD. I want to help other crafty mommies earn from sewing also, hence this blog was born.

A Sewntrepreneur (read: sew|en|tre|pre|ne|ur) is a person who is passionate about sewing and also earns from it whether as a sideline or full time! This blog is here to inspire, provide a community to share ideas, and maybe one day, provide jobs as well!

So welcome! And I hope we’ll be able to inspire you pursue sewing, or whatever other passion you might have. It will be a blast!

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